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Belgium-based LPI sole distributor of European luxury lodge tents
Landen, 12th June 2015 - South American travel accessories specialist LPI, based in Landen, Belgium, is announcing a European first today: the launch of a joint venture with Canvas and Tent, the South African world leader in its niche. The joint venture was initiated by LPI in response to a growing demand on the European market for lodges. Canvas and Tent Europe, as the new enterprise will be called, will be the sole distributor of Bushtec Safari Tents in Europe. Used by Richard Branson for overnight stays at his exclusive resort in Morocco, among others, lodge tents like these represent the absolute pinnacle of luxury in the travel industry today.
LPI, based in the Belgian town of Landen, today launched a joint venture with Canvas and Tent. The launch was announced in the presence of Landen’s Mayor Gino Debroux, the South African Embassy’s Minister of Economic Affairs Wilhelm Smalberger, and Willie Burger, Director of Bushtec Safari South Africa. The official joint venture launch also included the formal opening of the showroom.
Operating under the name Canvas and Tent Europe, the Belgian company will be the sole European importer and installer of Bushtec Safari Lodges. The joint venture was initiated in response to a growing demand on the Belgian market for this type of accommodation. ‘We selected LPI as our partner in this joint venture because the expertise this company has built up over many years is pretty much unique in this sector’, says Bushtec Safari South Africa’s director Willie Burger. ‘Several LPI staff members even travelled all the way to South Africa for an exhaustive training programme to develop the necessary expertise by learning it from us first-hand.’
Unique experience
This European first echoes the acclaim received by the luxury lodges, not only in South Africa abut also internationally. Lodges like these fit in perfectly with the current trend in tourism, in which people are seeking a unique experience in the midst of nature without any concessions to luxury. A prime example of this is Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot resort, which features Bushtec Safari Tents. In addition to fully equipped guest accommodations, the lodges can also be used as champagne bars or pool houses.
‘There are thousands of unique spots on the European continent with splendid natural scenery where people are keen to enjoy the same experience as in South Africa,’ says Marc Van Den Bosch of Canvas and Tent Europe ‘This collaborative venture will enable us to offer Europeans the unique experience of an overnight stay in the lap of luxury amidst stunning natural surroundings, without having to travel so far away from home.’
Hotel suite in the midst of nature
Bushtec Lodges can, in fact, best be compared to five-star hotel rooms. Bushtec Safari Tents are constructed on a fixed platform around a steel or wooden frame, and completed with canvas, doors and windows offering stunning views of the surrounding natural environment. The lodges contain a fully furnished living room, bedroom and bathroom. Heating and air conditioning facilities enable the Safari Tents to be used 365 days a year, regardless of the weather conditions outside.
‘The term “glamping” is frequently associated with lodge tents, but I don’t agree with this comparison at all,’ says Van Den Bosch. ‘Glamping is a contraction of glamorous and camping, and an overnight stay in these lodges does not bear the slightest resemblance to camping. They represent a travel alternative that is hors catégorie and responds to the growing demand for paradisiacal holidays in natural surroundings whilst bathing in luxury.’